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Why finding a “niche” is an art!


Niche is a buzzword for people who are into startups or building SaaS applications. Sure it is but it is not just applicable only for building products, businesses, or startups. I feel it is beyond that. It is a very core and rare characteristic for any field.

I got introduced to this amazing word when I was doing my side hustles (still I do it). People tell that you need to find the niche for the product so that it is very specific in solving a particular problem and with less competition. That’s correct but do you think figuring out that is so easy? Absolutely not! I figured that out not from building products or startups but from writing and in general content creation.

How is niche applicable in content creation? Let’s see how it is. So the definition of niche is

denoting products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population

I would like to emphasize “interest that appeal to a small specialized section”. If you keep the product building part aside, it is a thought process where you break down a topic of interest into small areas or sections, so that you can work on those sections. In general, these sections are so unimportant, unrecognizable nuances that most people would not just get that section where people have not worked on.

Let me get back to my previous point niche for content creation. I started being active on Twitter these days. I regularly post tweets so that I can form a community over there. As I keep tweeting I slowly started feeling “Okay, what should I tweet? Looks like I have tweeted all that I know” This is where I started realizing the importance of niche.

It is important to break down what you know, the knowledge you have and you gain contentiously into those small areas where you can talk about, describe the process, and tweet for that matter is. This is applicable even for medium blogs that I write. I keep noting down the topics that I feel I can talk about and write about confidently. Whenever I find time, I pick the most interesting one from the list and write a full blog on it.

I am pretty sure it is the same for any time content, let it be videos on YouTube, your marketing strategies, building products, etc. You have to break down things you know or the area of interest so that you can find that niche that will give you outstanding results!

The better you are at finding the niche, the better it attracts people’s attention, the more it solves people’s problems the better the result would be. So, it is an art that people should build to be successful in any field that deals with people!

I am still figuring out how to build the ability to find out a niche on my own. I am pretty sure there is no easy way that just recognizing it and consciously work on it to improve. Hope this article helps you!